Video - Paul gets his new Suzuki V-Strom

Videa Suzuki V-Strom Paul gets his new Suzuki V-Strom

Paul gets his new Suzuki V-Strom

Paul travels to a motorcycle dealer in upstate New York to take possession of his brand new 650cc Suzuki V-Strom ABS. Yup, a motorcycle with ABS. The dealer guy does the run through on all the buttons and gizmos, and then starts her up. The V-Strom is in the so-called "adventure touring" category. The V-twin gives it a little extra low rpm grunt for off roading, and being a 650 keeps it light, but with enough power to hit triple digits. It also has a taller front wheel than say a sport bike. The big loud clunk in the middle of the video is your faithful photographer stepping on the dealer's clipboard while walking backwards. Camera: Canon Elph SD880is

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