Video - Pope Calls For Less Military Spending And More Development

Videa Suzuki Boost King Pope Calls For Less Military Spending And More Development

Pope Calls For Less Military Spending And More Development

It's a tradition at the start of every year. The Pope received Ambassadors to the Holy See and discussed the Vatican's position on some of today's issues. Just like in his message for World Day of Peace, the Pope urged to fight against poverty in order to build peace. Benedict XVI The Holy See does not cease to remember that you cannot build peace when military spending takes enormous human and material resources from development projects, especially in the poorest countries. Once again, Benedict XVI spoke about the current conflict between Israel and Palestine. The Pope said opting for military force or violence will not bring peace to the region. Benedicto XVI I hope that with the international community's determined commitment, the truce in the Gaza Strip will be in force again, since it is indispensable for the population to have adequate living conditions again, and to restart peace negotiations to cease the hatred, the provocation and the use of arms. The Pope also backed talks between Syria and Israel, and the consolidation of Lebanese and Iraqi institutions. Benedict XVI Regarding Iran, don't stop the search for a negotiated solution to the dispute over the nuclear programs, through a mechanism that satisfies the legitimate demands of the country and the international community. This result would benefit and ease the regional and global tensions Benedict XVI asked the ambassadors to promote the respect of all religions in their countries and to end for all ...

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