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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Spoilers - Visit us for more Pretty Little Liars exclusives, gossip, and spoilers! - Like us on Facebook! - Follow us on Twitter! What's happening, PLL fans? I'm Chako Suzuki, checking in from We're getting closer and closer to June 14th, when the Pretty Little Liars will make their triumphant comeback for Season 2 on ABCFamily. We don't know about you guys, but we're positively psyched. Here are some juicy tidbits about what's to come... When we last left Rosewood, Emily had found out that her mother was planning a move to Texas... does this mean we're losing one of the fantastic four? Well, probably not. PLL Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick hinted that Emily's conquests, Maya, Paige, and Samara, will all have a big role next season, which makes us think Emily's sticking around... although you never know on this show. The real question is, who will Emily end up with? Shay Mitchell told Hollywood Life, "I think when Maya comes back, she'll be quite surprised to find out what Emily's been up to." Yeah, we bet. In our exclusive interview with Nia Peeples, the actress who plays Pam Fields put in her two cents, concluding, "I don't think Maya is the best choice. I'm saying that as a mom." Instead, she thinks Emily should start fresh with Samara. Still, when we asked your opinion on the matter, Maya got your votes by an overwhelming landslide. Going to have to wait and see on this one. In other 'ship news, looks ...

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