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Videa Suzuki US Project Rat Bike Part One

Project Rat Bike Part One

1983 Suzuki GS450L... has history, read blog for details. ===================== Ages back, this 1983 Suzuki GS450L rolled off the line in Japan, found it's way into a shipping crate and subsequently ended up in America, most likely California where it was soon to be shipped to a Suzuki dealer in Michigan, to be purchased by someone. That someone had some fun with it, in fact, so much fun that the bike was eventually crashed and impounded. We can only assume at this point anyway. In the Mid-Nineties my friend Joe, a Wayne County Sherrif saw the bike in the impound yard and scooped it up for real cheap, brought it over to (at the time) Pilgrim Motorsports for an extensive look over. Joe ended up purchasing a set of tires, tweaking the brakes, replaced some turn signal lamps and other lil bits. Happy Joe was zipping all over town and across Michigan with this machine as she was breathed life yet again, times were great, and so was the bike. Joe had ridden this machine for some years, racked up a few thousand miles and eventually sold the bike to Our mutual friend Jay, which had the bike for a few years, only accruing a few hundred miles, but for being a rather large man, some would say that he looked a little out of place, strange, or just plain wrong on this bike, so he ended up parking the Suzi for more important things, like family and life. The bike was , however, ridden in a chairity event to Hell, Mi for one of the last rides. Suzi was sad ...

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