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PSA Suzuki: Introduction Video

We are the very first elementary PSA (in Windsor, Ontario, Canada anyway). We have been inspired by Lady Gaga to spread acceptance of - and compassion for - all people and to live the life we were born to live. This is our first video and we are hoping it gets all the way to Lady Gaga. Our school board has a Safe Schools Forum on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 6 -7, 2012. Give us a shout-out, Lady Gaga! This video will be shown on the big-screen of St. Clair Centre for the Arts after the premier of the play 'interrogation', a true-to-life play about an LGBT youth who is the victim of a hate crime. PSA, we're all okay! Text transitions are really fast, so if you're not a speed reader (most of us aren't!), then get ready to hit the pause button. 2:22 He says: 'Crackhead'.

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