Video - Quad Pod Quad Rotor Review, (amazing new aircraft).

Videa Suzuki US Quad Pod Quad Rotor Review, (amazing new aircraft).

Quad Pod Quad Rotor Review, (amazing new aircraft).

This is the quad pod from the newest smallest brush-less quad rotor on the market; it's designed to be very easy for anyone to build in under an hour. It has 3 gyros on board so it's as stable as a rock. It's fun to fly, and easy to upgrade and repair. Snelflight gave us the alien jump jet a few years ago and it was the smallest indoor quad rotor ever on the market, now the Quad Pod has raised the bar to the next level. This aircraft is made for anyone, if you want a steady flying indoor outdoor vehicle, or you want to make an outdoor camera platform or an AI quad rotor, this aircraft s for you. The construction requires no special tools soldering or glue and the platform is versatile enough to carry multiple types of payload. You can upgrade anything on it easily and repairs are a breeze. Quad rotors are one of the best platforms to fly and Snelflight has years of experience with them so check out the quad pod and have fun. I'll see you in the air.

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