Video - Raleigh Choppers up the Thames London 2012

Videa Suzuki GT Raleigh Choppers up the Thames London 2012

Raleigh Choppers up the Thames London 2012

9th September 2012 we set out to ride the London Bridges, this proves impossible when the Paralympic marathon and the festival of London is taking place as well, so we head in the opposite direction..... Greenwich, Via Wapping, Canary Wharf, The Isle of Dogs and The Greenwich Tunnel.... Myself And Anne set out from home and caught the train from Wickford straight to London Liverpool St along with our trusty Choppers, My 1978 Quicksilver Mk2 Model and Anne's Mk 3 2006 England Ltd Edition. As we got out of the station we were able to ride straight down Bishopsgate to Leadenhall St where the road was closed to accomodate the paralympic marathon taking place in about an hour's time. We went left and rode through Leadenhall market and into Fenchurch St making our way to Tower Bridge which was the meeting point. We arrived at Tower Bridge at 8.15 and waited a while to see who was turning up. I had advertised the run not only on Forum but a few chopper forums too namely http and the various chopper facebook pages. 0830 and up rocks Ron from Edmonton with his Yellow 1969 Mk 1 Tallframe, its always nice to meet likeminded people and become friends and today I think that has happened to all of us. Andy(sej) and Sharon from Yorkshire had got a cheap deal on a hotel room just near to the tower and turned up next with Andy's 1974 mk2 purple model and Sharons Brand new Mk4 Hot one, the whole range is being represented here. Next up was Jack from Hackney with his ...



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