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Videa Suzuki Samurai RC Suzuki Samurai part 23

RC Suzuki Samurai part 23

ice and snow in late autumn with a night messing around -Almost stock mcrc with 5 mm shorter suspension from inside the shocks + a simple homemade frame to fix the gravity center and put the esc and battery (esc tray as been removed and battery tray upside down. Body is homemade from a plastic sheet and have Rok Lox tires with foam. I fixed the side mirrors with thermoplastic rubber based sealant around a small metal wire so they can flex a little. More details on the truck now , i just add some lead weight, modified as wheel locks and caps, a complete light kit (need bigger battery) and ready for winter with a 9 tooth pinion modified from a "pull and go" toy car. ENJOY! or watch something else. pics at:



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