Video - Review of my 05 Susuki V Strom

Videa Suzuki V-Strom Review of my 05 Susuki V Strom

Review of my 05 Susuki V Strom

I have tried to be as thorough as I can in this review of my 2005 Susuki V Strom DL650. Hopefully I dont sound too negative about this bike because it is very good. Bear in mind I am a bit of a perfectionist so I can let the little things annoy me a little too much sometimes. It handles well, its very comfortable, its got a great sound, lovely torquey engine and will go forever. The brakes could be better, theres relatively bad buffeting from the screen and finish is so so but these are really the only main negatives. I will add more videos later to how I get on with the extras I've added and how I feel with the bike as I learn more from living with it. Ps You'll notice I've gone for the informative approach with this video. I hope to make more in the future where I cut the technicalities and give a more relaxed view on the bike and how I get on with it.

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