Video - RM 250-TRYING OUT MY 12 Tooth

Videa Suzuki RM RM 250-TRYING OUT MY 12 Tooth

RM 250-TRYING OUT MY 12 Tooth In this video I switch my front sprocket to a 12 Tooth.I did this because of a recent injury to my Pinky finger that is prohibiting me from riding fast over bumps.So until I heal I wanted to use this opportunity to practice some slower and less painful technical riding.The 12 tooth sprocket lowers the gearing substantially and will be easier on the components of my Rekluse clutch.Having several different front sprockets in your tool box is a cheap and effective means of changing your gearing without all the work required to swap out a rear sprocket..12T 13T and 14T are what Im using.Going lower then 12T will ware a chain out rapidly and going higher then 14T could result in clearance problems.



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