Video - Road to Recovery (mix and match group ride)

Videa Suzuki US Road to Recovery (mix and match group ride)

Road to Recovery (mix and match group ride)

My friends Brice and Billy are both recovering from bad accidents and they have just been back on two wheels for a week or two. Brice broke his femur (just graduated from crutches to a cane) and Billy's scooter had a fight with a car and lost. He broke his wrists... again. We mainly rode around Damascus. I think this is by far the shortest ride video I've compiled. Also, didn't like the quality from Windows Movie Maker on my last few videos, so I went back to using MAGIX for this. Much harder to use, but the video quality is much better, in my opinion. To save battery I didn't record our trip over to get Brice, but a Harley jumped a bunch of cars and got stuck right in front of us, probably made him mad. Looked like he was leading us. Also had some great moments, but the video didn't come out great. For instance, we saw a 2-stroke scooter maxing out down a sidewalk and then cut across a field and hop back into traffic. I followed (on the road) and tried to run him down to ride with us. He ended up making an illegal left turn on red before we could catch him. Extra noise can be blamed on my new skeleton GoPro case. Planning on trying some moto-vlogging and forgot to put the standard case back on.

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