Video - Saints Row The Third: Mindless FUN! (PS3)

Videa Suzuki SR Saints Row The Third: Mindless FUN! (PS3)

Saints Row The Third: Mindless FUN! (PS3)

Well, I'm pretty under the sun (If you don't know what that means, it means sick!), so I haven't really been able to do anything BIG. So I decided to upload this video that I already had made a week or more ago. So enjoy, mindless SR:TT fun. When I start feeling better, I'll try to have something better up. Thanks for your patience! Until then, enjoy this video, and enjoy the other 2 I put up. ...SR:TT Precious little Angel! Story preview. ...WWE'12 DIVA KAI SUZUKI ENTRANCE. Anything else I work on out of the norm, like updates, rants, how to's, life video's etc. Will now be posted on my 2nd channel, so don't forget to sub to it:

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