Video - Shenmue - FIGHT!!! @Shenmue500K Shenmue 3 campaign

Videa Suzuki T Shenmue - FIGHT!!! @Shenmue500K Shenmue 3 campaign

Shenmue - FIGHT!!! @Shenmue500K Shenmue 3 campaign

If you want a Shenmue 3 join our campaign group Shenmue500K at and here . We have over 14, 500 members on Facebook currently (as of 5.9.2012). Also sign our petition ,if you like. Shenmue500K ,we will have our revenge All copyright and artwork connected to this video and Shenmue is owned by Sega. I do not own these rights, but thank Yu Suzuki and Sega sincerely for making this great game and hope it gets continued one day. The song used in the video is Heart of Asia by Watergate . No copyright infingement intended, all rights belong to relevant parties. Some great Shenmue links below...



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