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Sick Justin Barcia Montage

Montage of the Wild Child Justin Barcia. I do not own any of the clips or music used in this montage. Channels the clips were taken from: vurbmoto hitorquemags Videos the clips taken from are owned by: Vurbmoto-Vurb Platinum ft. Justin Barcia Motocross Action Magazine- Justin Barcia- Down N South Episode 1 Music: Opposite of Adults- Chiddy Bang (I didn't make this song but i did buy it so i have all rights to use it.) Don't forget to watch it in the best quality possible :) Check out my Chad Reed montage: Check out my Dean Wilson montage: Check out my James Stewart montage: Ignore these extra tags: Justin Barcia on his CR125 Vurb Moto made a recent trip to see Justin Barcia and his new motocross track and we went big. This is Geico Powersports/Honda/Factory Connection rider Justin Barcia shows off the fast way around Blue Diamond MX in New Castle, Delaware in this MXPTV Helmet Cam video. Vurb Platinum and we went big. We're talking helicopters and cable cams, we even brought in the maker of Moto the Movie 3 -- Taylor Congdon. Justin Barcia: Braapaholic If you thought the Justin Barcia Helmet Cam - Blue Diamond (HD) James Stewart video with a helicopter was good (you'd be right because we made that as well), but this is even better... trust us. This is Vurb Platinum - Justin Barcia style with whips, scrubs and everything in between.



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