Video - Small Engines Q & A Video #102 in HD

Videa Suzuki RE Small Engines Q & A Video #102 in HD

Small Engines Q & A Video #102 in HD

Welcome to my bi-weekly series where your Small Engine questions are answered. Visit my channel for more repair videos; Also check out Themowermedic1's channel Questions & Tips in this video; 1. How many times can I re-use an exhaust gasket? 0:37 2. How many times can I re-use an intake gasket? 1:47 3. How many times can I re-use a head gasket? 2:32 4. Should cleaning the carbon from the exhaust port on 2 cycle engines be regular maintenance? 3:35 5. Can low compression make a grass trimmer hard to start? 4:20 6. Is there supposed to be a stream of water coming out of my outboard motor? 4:57 7. Why is my old 3.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine burning oil? 6:00 8. The correct way to check the oil on a 20hp Kohler Courage lawn tractor engine. 6:37 9. How can I use a generator engine with a tapered shaft for something else? 8:05 HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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