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Soul Fighter Game Sample - Dreamcast

Original Air Date: April 05th, 2009 Soul Fighter harbors so much potential, but I think it's average at best when everything is said and done. The game is undeniably exaggerated and funny to an extent, which helps boost the fun factor somewhat, but I can only recommend it to diehard beat-em-up fans. From the minute you're greeted with your first "cutscene", you're in for a treat. A king is telling the would-be player his sad tale about how his family turned to evil and how his eldest son died. If you listen to it a few times, it sounds like a decent story summary, but you'll probably be too busy watching the king overact his role and thinking how much he sounds like Sean Connery. The best part is that you get to hear the king for the whole game. You see, you must use one of three "Soul Fighters", people trusted by the King, to free the souls of possesed folk. As you slip and slide due to touchy controls and unleash brutish combos with your fists and weapons (only after breaking out of stone in a most humorous manner), you'll have the pleasure of hearing the King say things (In a somewhat Highlander-ish way) like "Good Shot!" and "Awesome!". I don't know why, but it's so funny. The visuals are nice and the music is as mediocre as it gets, but the gameplay isn't that great. Even despite the way it handles, the characters are relatively easy to control. It's only one player... and there are better beat-em-ups for sure. Enjoy.

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