Video - SRTT: I Can Transform Ya! (remake, PS3 Music Video!)

Videa Suzuki SR SRTT: I Can Transform Ya! (remake, PS3 Music Video!)

SRTT: I Can Transform Ya! (remake, PS3 Music Video!)

**READ PLZ** It's not much, I promise! (; 1st things 1st!( I seem to be saying that alot now, aren't I?) LoL, anyway, this is a remake of a SR2 music video I made LONG time ago. The SR2 video took a LONG time to make, and this one, took LONGER to make, because I put more effort into this one, since I've improved, and have been editing for 3 years now. (I'm proud to say) :) Anyway, enjoy, and let me know what you gals & guys think of it, by leaving some likes & comments. I hate to mention this, but there's REALLY been a lack of well, EVERYTHING since youtube transitioned over onto this retarded new look! -___- Anyway, I have 2 more SR3 MV's coming, with some I plan to work with some friends with (Ya'll know who you are!) ;) Also, don't forget to sub to my new channel, where I'll be posting updates, rants, life video's, how to's, and anything "INTERESTING" I may pull off my camera:

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