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St. Mark's: best for bowels The best way to understand why St. Mark's Hospital is a leading hospital for treating colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease and appreciating the cutting edge medical research that we undertake is to visit the Hospital. This film provides a virtual tour of medical departments in the hospital such as one of our operating theatres, the department for Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis, APRG, dealing with research at the Cellular level, Wolfson Unit for Endoscopy, Bowel Cancer Screening, Polyposis Registry, Familial Cancer, St. Mark's Hospital Academic Institute, Intestinal Failure Unit, Fredrick Salmon Ward and outpatients. The viewer will hear about a wide range of medicine and surgery such as advanced imaging, new surgical procedures, prevention, testing, early intervention, diagnosis and treatment, nursing, bowel screening, familial cancer, medical research at the cellular level, endoscopy, laparoscopy. The viewer will hear from leading doctors and surgeons at St. Mark's Professor Robin Phillips, Clinical Director, Mr Robin Kennedy Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Dr Ailsa Hart Senior Gastroenterologist, Dr Ayesha Akbar Senior Gastroenterologist, Marian O'Connor lead bowel disease specialist nurse, Miss Sue Clark, Assistant Director Polyposis Registry and Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Mr David Burling Radiologist specializing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( MRI) and Computer Tomography (CT), Dr Noriko Suzuki and Mr Brian Saunders of ...



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