Video - Streetfighterz present Ride Of the Century 2012

Videa Suzuki ST Streetfighterz present Ride Of the Century 2012

Streetfighterz present Ride Of the Century 2012

On September 14 & 15 of 2012, a group of an estimated 4000 bikers & stunters met together in the city of St. Louis to partake in the final chapter of what has now been a ten year tradition. The following video is some of the events that took place during those two days... Video was filmed by Sean Baker and various other individuals using many different pieces of equipment and techniques. A GoPro and GoPro 2 were the most common of all. Editing was done by Sean Baker and Ben Hendrix using various Adobe applications such as Photoshop CS5.5, Premiere CS5.5, and After Effects CS5.5 Any and all music clips or sound bites that are in this video were selected and mixed by Sean Baker (aka DJ mind buRn). Songs within the video are listed in order below. Song 01: 0:25 -- 1:47 Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard Play Hard Song 02: 1:48 -- 4:40 & 5:01 -- 5:13 Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard (Cosmic Dreams Remix) Special thanks to "roberto6316" for allowing me to use his footage. Without it I'm not really sure if this video would have been possible. Also thanks to Ben Hendrix for taking the time to help me select segments and edit video. It definitely helped speed up the process.



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