Video - suomi trip 2010 ft. suzuki djebel 250 & skateboard

Videa Suzuki Djebel suomi trip 2010 ft. suzuki djebel 250 & skateboard

suomi trip 2010 ft. suzuki djebel 250 & skateboard

8-days trip to finland in august 2010 with skateboard, tent and gopro camera. got some shit like torn throttle cable at the second day near lahti and scratches on camera's lens after falling at asphalt, but this were a pretty 8 days. trip were 1736 km long and were burned 71L of fuel on suzuki djebel XC250 2003 with kenda K270. i used gopro hd wide camera at r1-mode and film camera canon eos 300V. 60cx gps-gadget by garmin with suomi pro topo 2008. also got a micro-hole in rear tire at the way back and i had to pump it every 20-30 minutes, so the pump broke and i had very hot ass) this shit made with sony vegas 9. all photos in slooowest motion are here: tracklist: blockhead - intro: hello popartz (from "music by cavelight" 2003, ) chugga chugga - who's the boss (from "nine times", ) cephalic impurity - cerebral vomiting (from "perverted surgical concept" 2008, ) digital emotion - get ready (from "x-ray connection" 1983, ) the notwist - trashing days (from "neon golden" 2002, ) caspa - ready eddy (from "caspa / emalkay - ready eddy / critical hit" 2010, ) the speed freak - terrorist (from "freakwaves" 2008, ) photophob - automatic landing zone (from "music for spaceports" 2005, ) ac/dc - come and get it (from "stiff upper lift 2000, )

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