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Superbike Suzuki SV1000 S Commercial

Often categorised as a sports-tourer class motorcycle, Suzuki's SV1000 and the half faired SV1000S, were first launched by Suzuki in 2003. The 996 cc 90-degree Suzuki V-twin motorcycles were aimed to compete directly with the Honda SuperHawk (also known as the Honda FireStorm in some markets), which was released prior to the Suzuki, and the low end Ducati 1 litre V-twin engined sport bikes. The SV1000 is the big brother to the popular 650 cc SV650 motorcycle. The SV1000 shares many common parts with the SV650, including all bodywork (front fairing, fuel tank and rear plastics/subframe), but the main frame, handlebars, swingarm and forks are different. The front forks and brakes are sourced from the earlier GSXR600. The SV1000 owes some of its heritage to the Suzuki TL1000S (affectionately known as the "widow-maker") from which it inherited its engine which was tuned for more mid-range and a little less top-end power. Unlike the SuperHawk and its two huge 48 mm carburettors, the 2003 and up SV1000 is fuel injected and sports the Suzuki Dual-Throttle Valve technology. In 2004, the bike received revised ergonomics in the form of lower pegs and a slightly lower seat height, which are the same as the 2003 N model (unfaired). The 2005 and 2006 models got a slight bump in compression and a few other internal items, but mostly remains the same bike from 2003. The original SV1000 design (K3) has gone through two updates since its original release: The K4 model - Includes a ...

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