Video - Susuki V-Strom Review (Long term update - DL650)

Videa Suzuki V-Strom Susuki V-Strom Review (Long term update - DL650)

Susuki V-Strom Review (Long term update - DL650)

Susuki V-Strom DL650 Updated Review (filmed with Drift Stealth). This is my second full review on the Susuki V-Strom. Please check out my first video to see a more details and so you can more easily follow what I'm talking about. I was thinking after I made this update that its possible to add 'HH' brake pads to the rear to improve their performance. They grip much harsher into the brake disk to stop it faster. However, the compromise to this would be added wear to the brake disks themselves. HH pads are a little more expensive too and may be too sharp of a stop for some. If you're happy with it then dont fix whats not broken. I've been collecting every fuel receipt for the past three months and the average fuel consumption has been 55.5mpg (UK gallons). This improved slightly (1-2mpg) after my last service. +Update+ My last two refills gave me 61 and 63mpg! Thats insane! :D Click here for the original full review, which was recorded soon after I bought the bike

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