Video - Suzuki 500 GS Part 1 of ZUTI07 youtube user

Videa Suzuki GS Suzuki 500 GS Part 1 of ZUTI07 youtube user

Suzuki 500 GS Part 1 of ZUTI07 youtube user

Dear Bikers or bike lovers, we will present You a fantastic transformation made by a MASTER of restauration ZSOLT FULOP or Zolt Filep -zuti07 You tube user. I will post here all the stages of His restauration of this Suzuki 500 GS bike. The origin of the bike is from UK, it become by the years rosty to hell everiwhere deep in to the rots of the bike. Zolt has dismentaled it completely so You are welcome on the next video which is Suzuki 500 GS from Zuti07 part 2. U will see amazing bautifull transformation on this bike and a previous job which I will soon upload too! For any inquery please contact Zolt Filep on: Filep Zolt -Street Recna No. 8, in city 24000 Subotica, mobile phone no: ++381646151234, or on his e-mail: in serbo croatian or hungarian language please. If you are an english speaking please contact me and I will forward it to my friend Zuti! Thnx ppl enjoy the upcoming stages of the restauration!

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