Video - Suzuki A100 M 2 stroke Motor bike 1979

Videa Suzuki RE Suzuki A100 M 2 stroke Motor bike 1979

Suzuki A100 M 2 stroke Motor bike 1979

This is a quick slide show off the bike going through it's restore and a video of it running at the end. This bike i got off an old friend of my dads. The bike was in pritty good nick for not been started for 25 years, the electrics needed sorting, new headlight, mudguard, battery, oil feed (which was the most pain to find) and just needed a good clean to get the rust off and chrome to get it looking like new. This is it been started for the 2nd time in 25 years after me and my dad fitted the new oil feed pipe and everything else. If you live in Durham or the wear valley you might get a glimps of it and me riding around, because unlike some people with classic bikes i ride mine, it doesn't spend it's life under a cover ^^, also was shown at bikewise 2009. My A100 blog : for anything A100 ^^



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