Video - Suzuki Airi - Remember You - (English sub)

Videa Suzuki RE Suzuki Airi - Remember You - (English sub)

Suzuki Airi - Remember You - (English sub)

Hi everyone! The main girl singing is Suzuki Airi. Together with the other four harmonizing in the back, they form the Japanese idol group C-ute. This song is from the musical "Akuma no Tsubuyaki ~Akuma de Kyutto na Seishun Graffitti~" Support C-ute by watching their official channel! And, since you're most likely here for Airi, support Buono while you're at it too! (lol) This is the first video I've ever tried subbing so please forgive any awful timing errors. Also, this is the second song I've ever tried translating so please forgive any awful translation errors. :3 In one of the lines Airi says "mabuta ribukabu". It's really difficult to translate (literally means "floating behind my eyelids"), but it's referring to when a memory is so strong that even just closing your eyes, you can see it. That said, I love this song. Airi never ceases to amaze me.

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