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Suzuki Automotive's SUV'asaurus

Once upon a time, SUV-Asauruses roamed the earth. People happily drove them everywhere and anywhere. They took them skiing and surfing, and to the mall. People didnt really think about what they were doing, they just did it. The bigger the Saurus, the better the Saurus. Now the SUV-Asauruses loved to guzzle gasoline, but their owners didnt really care because gas was cheaper than cheap. Then suddenly things changed. Gas prices went through the roof, and people began to sell their SUV-Asauruses. BUT nobody wanted them because they were too blasted expensive to drive. And this made everyone VERY unhappy. So like a bad rash, the SUV-Asauruses slowly went away. But then, just when everyone thought all the SUV adventure and fun was done, a new kind of SUV called the Suzuki Grand Vitara or the GV for short arrived. It was compact in size so it got good gas mileage; 26 miles per gallon on the highway. And it had excellent power, in fact its V6 had 64 more horsepower than a Honda CRV. And unlike most other compact SUVs, it had true 4X4 capability available, so people could take it to all the places they loved to go AND do all the things they loved to do. So once again, EVERYONE was happy. Well Except for the SUV-Asaurus. Live Large Drive Small

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