Video - Suzuki B-KING,"Bling King"

Videa Suzuki RE Suzuki B-KING,"Bling King"

Suzuki B-KING,"Bling King"

My second B-king!! THE BLING-KING! INCREDIBLE BIKE,lots of chrome and gold plated parts.Yoshimura exhaust,K & N air filter,re-mapped ignition,Shinko Ultra soft tires,Galfer brake lines and brake pads,Carbon-fiber body panels,Stailess steel radiator guards,Chrome plated wheels and brake calipers,Modified front turn signals with extra LED bulbs in the side-pods,Carbon look GEL seat ,GSG Moto Billett frame sliders and front sprocket cover and much more

B-king, Bling, chrome, walk around Suzuki B-king.



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