Video - Suzuki Boulevard C 109 RT Road Trip.

Videa Suzuki Boulevard Suzuki Boulevard C 109 RT Road Trip.

Suzuki Boulevard C 109 RT Road Trip.

Had a couple ask me if you can tour on this bike. Well how does a 9 hour run one way to Key West from Daytona Beach sound? I wanted a short video so if you want to read what I wrote in any pictures, your going to have to Pause it. Packed a ton of stuff into my saddle bags, took to many clothes even. Made it down their and back with apsolutley ZERO issues. Bike not only ran great, she outright purred the whole way their and back. Stock seat... SUCKS! Had to keep shifting but that's any motorcycle. By next year when I go on another Motorcycle Road Trip, I'll have Gel Seats and a rider backrest. Top speed during trip was 108, wanted to get to 109 for the bikes name but decided that little passing manuver no the interstate was fast enough. Bike still sounded bored, no fuss to the motor at all.

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