Video - Suzuki Boulevard C90 With Cobra "Longs" 2007

Videa Suzuki Boulevard Suzuki Boulevard C90 With Cobra "Longs" 2007

Suzuki Boulevard C90 With Cobra "Longs" 2007

This is my 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C90T. I installed a set of Cobra "Longs." I wasn't too sure how loud they would be. They are definitely louder than stock - but they are not obnoxious. I left the baffles in and there is a nice, really deep rumble. They were extremely easy to install. I would recommend using new flange seals as they are just thin copper. For a long trip I would also recommend using ear plugs, but I use them anyway-Cobras or not. Yes the tank halves are chrome as are the side covers and neck covers. All parts are stock with chrome - not the abs stuff that is usually sold. I have extra front and rear fenders that are chrome now -see my other vids. Have ridden coast to coast this year and have NO bluing on the pipes - no power commander or high flo air cleaner either. Too far into diminishing returns to spend the money on them.

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