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Videa Suzuki Super carry suzuki carry aka "the toaster"

suzuki carry aka "the toaster"

read the anonations! just a night drive of the newly registered toaster on wheels, my uncle worked on it for 2 years building it up from scratch, quite a rare sight these things, plus the vinyl top makes it very very unique. spending in excess of thousands of $$ reconditioning the motor (f10a - 1000cc 4cyl replacing a seized f8a - 800cc 4cyl) and all body work/spray job/rust work interior exterior cosmetic etc. all work was done by himself besides the recon motor which was done by suzi sport, he tore it out and put it back in replacing the clutch and flywheel himself aswell. almost sounds like a fiat abarth! goes really well too considering it carries a fair bit of weight (being used as a mini camper van, complete with matress mini cooker etc) a nice set of wheels will set it off nicely in the future, such a pleasure to drive even though my knees nearly touch the dash because of the fixed drivers seat :P.

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