Video - Suzuki DL-1000 Water Pump Disassemby

Videa Suzuki DL Suzuki DL-1000 Water Pump Disassemby

Suzuki DL-1000 Water Pump Disassemby

After some long miles, (35-40 K) the drain hose under the water pump starts dripping coolant. You may notice a small puddle on your garage floor or a decrease in coolant level in time. If it gets too much and topping it up becomes annoying, you need to replace the seal that goes around the pump impeller shaft. It's a cheap part but you need to drain oil, water and take the clutch cover off. While at it, you probably want to replace the oil seal on the other side of the shaft. This video shows you the parts and explains how I removed the metal casing of the water seal without a bearing removal tool.

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