Video - Suzuki DR250 YAMAHA DT200 Motorcycle fast race ghost racing

Videa Suzuki Djebel Suzuki DR250 YAMAHA DT200 Motorcycle fast race ghost racing

Suzuki DR250 YAMAHA DT200 Motorcycle fast race ghost racing

DR has gotten on GPZ900R. It came to play for the first time one and today of DT, and the third generation model DR250R:SJ45A shared only the DR350 latter term model and transmission and back and forth wheels, and changes most other parts completely thank you. It tried for lightening such as abolition, the plating cylinders, and the aluminum spoke nipples of dry sump, and the unpopularity "Heavily and incompetent" of the predecessor of the change from the negative pressure cab to the compulsion opening and shutting flat valve cab to the predecessor etc. was blown off. It is DJEBEL (Jebel) as the brother car There are XC and DR-Z250 of the enduro model for export. Latter term model(3ET) It is restyled as a succession car of 37F in 1988. It can be said the maximum feature for the engine to be changed from the piston lead valve to the crankcase lead valve, to become 33 horsepower, and to have been changed to a dual radiator at the Motocrossar level. It boasted of a preeminent performance, and it was popular though the diameter 41mm was adopted and stroke improvement, extension of the wheelbase, improvement of the seat amount, and car heavy Ma (107kg in dry weight) had made the front fork big a little as the replica of Motocrossar YZ series.First ostrich dish specialty store and Raidarzcafe MACH? in Japan 3171-..Yo 469?6 TEL&FAX072?361.. Osaka Prefecture Sakai City Mihara Ward north .... Information on shop holiday The next day on the first Tuesday every ...

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