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Suzuki DR350 Starting Tips

My buddy ALWAYS has problems starting his dr350... cold, warm, doesn't matter - he can never seem to get it started quickly. That means that _I_ have to start his bike for him a lot of the time, so I have become quite good at it :) Here are some tips on how to start a WARM dr350 engine. Step #1 - Pull and HOLD the decompression lever (short lever on left handlebar) Step #2 - KICK HARD 10 times. The bike won't start because you are holding the decompression lever, but this cleans out the carb. Step #3 - Release the decompression lever, and slowly press down on the kickstart until the decompression lever fully releases. Once this happens, bring the kickstart back up to the very top. Step #4 - Open throttle to 1/4 to 1/2 - depends on your bike. With my buddy's bike, I always hold the throttle 1/2 open at this point Step #5 - Give a GOOD HARD couple kicks with throttle half open. Remember to always feel for compression first, then bring the kickstart back up to the very top so you get a complete kick. It _should_ start after 2 or 3 kicks. GOOD LUCK! These bikes can be a BUGGER to start!

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