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Videa Suzuki DR-Z Suzuki DRZ 400 First Ride

Suzuki DRZ 400 First Ride

I just rode my step dads drz 400 enduro / dual sport for the first time! So i figured i would make a video about it. The motorcycle halls butt but it was really heavy and somewhat hard to control. and trying to wheelie that thing was much harder then what I'm use to. but the things fast, theres no way i could have got to its top speed where i was at.. or else i would have! But it was still and awesome street legal dirt bike. I would defiantly get one if i had the chance. Also my friends are on honda crf 80's and a suzuki lt 160 quad / ATV. Sorry if its a little boring, i didn't have much to say since i was so concentrated on riding the monster! One things for sure though, the weight made the drifting easy! Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: YouTube Channel: Recorded with a GoPro HD Hero 2 Helmet Camera Motor Sports Edition at 720p 60 fps with an external mic. Editing done with Final Cut Pro X.



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