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Suzuki GS1000

Here is my 1978 GS1000. It has had a 3 year restoration. Work includes new petrol tank from Slingers Suzuki, Maxton re-worked forks with R6 internals, Maxton shocks, Brand New Dresda swingarm from Roff's motors Sweden, Wiseco big bore, CR Kehins, gas flowed head all by John Sims of Silverstone Superbikes, rear sets, AP lockeed racing calipers and master cylinder, mounting plates and oil cooler again by John Sims. Brief was to keep the bike looking as stock as possible and all parts were to be of the era as the bike is for a pre 1978 Hill climb held in Jersey, Channel Islands. Bike has also had new electonic ignition, regulator and rectifier, Avon race tyres, pingel fuel tap, race clutch, braided lines, etc etc. Lovely to ride and to own.




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