Video - Suzuki GS500 Indepth Walk Around & Review

Videa Suzuki T Suzuki GS500 Indepth Walk Around & Review

Suzuki GS500 Indepth Walk Around & Review

This is a Very Thorough and Close look at, and review of, the humble Suzuki GS500. In production since 1989, this 487cc air-cooled, carburetor fed, 6 speed motorcycle has been underestimated by those who've never ridden one. Friendly for learners, those coming back to riding after a long break and experienced riders alike, the GS500 is kind of an everything bike. Ideal for commuting to work, it can also handle weekend day outings with ease and has the ability to be a Tourer as well. With it's no fuss layout, comfortable riding position, good fuel economy and easy handling, the GS500 is a blast to ride. It's not the fastest thing on the road, but it doesn't try to be. Don't expect it to be either and you won't be disappointed. In the video I mentioned a few items about the bike that are non-standard. They include... Ventura Rack: (most motorcycle store in Australia sell the system, but this website will help you find distributors where you are Clocks4Bikes and http Devoted Message Board and Help: This is a place where enthusiasts of the GS500 gather and share their mechanical experiences with each other. Need help with your GS500 or have ANY question about them, this is the definitive place to go. Something I didn't mention in the video but which does happen on these bikes (specially the older ones) is Cam Float Noise. It's kind of like a knocking noise. It's harmless to the bike and due to the two different metals used ...

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