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Suzuki GT GT550 GT750

It is a motorcycle of three air cooling cylinders. a motorcycle it that discovers Suzuki GT550, and is good in the triple world Three series cylinder of two air cooling strokes 1972 year engine is installed at the first year of sales. An original ram air system that installs a squarish air introduction case in the cylinder head because cooling a central cylinder becomes disadvantageous in three air cooling series cylinders and introduces air into the center of the engine compulsorily is adopted, and the cooling effect has been improved. It was called, "Box lunch box" from this externals. It is possible to visit large-hearted on the muffler of putting out four and development at that time and the business site though they are three cylinders. The engine was also fat the torque of the low rotation region unlike Mach and the KH series of Kawasaki that was a rival car at that time, and had GT750,380250185125100 as a smooth characteristic and a series of GT series that not seeming is two strokes by another. Animation to love each other It is lovely. It is a beautiful woman dog.

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