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Videa Suzuki Jimny Suzuki Jimny Model and Specification

Suzuki Jimny Model and Specification

Contact us for more info or visit our website: The Jimny Experience. Stylish and fun, the Jimny is built to tackle the big bad city. Its distinctive looks mean you will always arrive in style. Tough By Nature. Its just one adventure after another - head off the beaten track and get closer to nature - with its adaptable 4WD capability at the touch of a button, the Jimny is as rugged as it is versatile. Your Safety, Our Priority. The interior is stylish and refined with the SZ4 model adding full leather seats a leather steering wheel and alloy wheels. With all models featuring full size driver and front passenger airbags, side impact protection beams and ABS brakes, the Jimny has the strength to look after itself - and you!

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