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Suzuki Kizashi Sport - All Wheel Drive

Suzuki Kizashi. A luxurious sports sedan with elegant design and extraordinary technology, it brings every sense to life. With a flawless aerodynamic design, sensational handling and performance. Deep down the Kizashi has the soul of a sports car. With its smooth, powerful engine and totally accurate handling, the Kizashi inspires confidence with every bend in the road. And now, the Kizashi Sport All Wheel Drive takes this to a new level. The intelligent AWD system intuitively adjusts torque between the front and rear wheels according to road and driving conditions, maximising AWD performance and delivering superior control. The Kizashi has a powerful but fuel efficient 2.4 L engine coupled with VVT (Variable Valve Timing) technology. It also has the added reassurance of 6 airbags and ESP. Start your senses.

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