Video - Suzuki m800 - drilling the pipes

Videa Suzuki T Suzuki m800 - drilling the pipes

Suzuki m800 - drilling the pipes

The movie presents mine and Ramy's work on my pipes. I had huge concerns if I should do that or take the buffle out but finally I decided that I don't want to have it too loud. I plan to take long trips and I believe that loud pipes is not the best thing I could imagine to have while being on the highway ;) The aftereffect is worth the small effort you need to put it. It takes 5 minutes to drill it but the sound is awesome! I have to admit its better than I expected. Its NOT louder - its just deeper and nicer! The sound in reality is a bit different, specially in "before" part of the movie. Here it sounds very low and mature but in reality it was very quiet. I can easily recommend doing this to your stock pipes - you won't regret! Thanks to Ramy for helping me out with them! Appreciated bro! :)

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