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Videa Suzuki T Suzuki PIXY & SSC- Tokyo Motor Show 2007 : DigInfo

Suzuki PIXY & SSC- Tokyo Motor Show 2007 : DigInfo

DigInfo - Related Links Suzuki has a new people-centred vehicle concept called Sustainable Mobility, which is realized by a one-person low-speed transport device called the PIXY and a minicar-based mobility unit called the SSC, which forms an automobile when the PIXY is paired with it. The PIXY and SSC together deliver personal, shareable urban transportation in line with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Next-Generation Vehicle and Fuel Initiative, which is aimed at realizing the world's most people-centred motorized society. The PIXY is a one-person transport device based on a concept of "friendly" mobility. Moving at low speeds on footpaths and inside buildings, easy to operate even for people who can't drive conventional cars. It can be paired with the SSC for even greater possibilities. The SSC is a minicar-based mobility unit with which the PIXY is mated to form an automobile. It can hold a maximum of two PIXYs. It's not the only type of unit with which the PIXY can be coupled; to accommodate other lifestyle situations, the PIXY can also be paired with a sports-car unit called the SSF and with a boat unit called the SSJ. The result is an entirely new kind of personal mobility and sharing system.

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