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Suzuki RE5 Rotary Engine Motorcycle For Sale

Thanks to all of you who have asked if the bike is still for sale. I sold it shortly after this video was made to a very nice gentleman in France. First of all, sorry about the wind noise in part of this video! Depending on the direction the camera is facing, the wind noise is pretty bad sometimes. This video is of my pristine, unrestored 1975 Suzuki RE5 rotary-engine motorcycle that I bought from the original owner in 1994. It is for sale now on eBay. Since its purchase, I have made a point to ride it a couple or three times a year, to keep everything working good. It was my favorite bike to take each year on the Toys-For-Tots run. A very unique bike, most people had never seen another one like it. It has that smooth, rotary-engine hum that is so famous, and starts instantly and drives so smooth you wouldn't know that the engine is running, except for that distinctive, throaty exhaust hummmm. It's a great bike, and I hate to sell it. They are really getting rare, and one in this condition that has been stored inside all its life is even more rare. If you are interested, go to eBay and do a search for Suzuki RE5. Hope you enjoy seeing and hearing it run! Sorry for the way the video ends abruptly. The little camera I was using ran out of memory.

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