Video - Suzuki RG 125 Dismantle.

Videa Suzuki RG Suzuki RG 125 Dismantle.

Suzuki RG 125 Dismantle.

Hey guys, this is my suzuki rg125. As you can see from my other videos me and my dad rebuilt her, for approximately 3months she was working fine until March 2012 she sprung a bad oil leak and her spark plug fudged up while i was out riding her in Cheddar. Since then i decided to bring her back to her former glory and give her a new paint job. In this video i will be showing you how i stripped her down to bare frame to be shot blasted and powdercoated. *Just a warning i do suggest to look through the manual beforehand. This video is me just showing you guys how I did it, some people may do it in other ways.* Any advice would be appreciated. Enjoy :D

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