Video - Suzuki's SX4 CrossOver's Transformation

Videa Suzuki SX4 Suzuki's SX4 CrossOver's Transformation

Suzuki's SX4 CrossOver's Transformation

My 2000 VW TDI is 9 years old with only 171000 miles on it. However, it is truly become a maintenance hog costing between twice to three times as much for it's yearly maintenance as the fuel costs required to travel 18000 miles per year. I actually still like my Jet but love don't pay the bills. This being the fact, I replaced my Jet with a foxy little Suzuki. Sadly the new clean diesel Jetta Sport Wagon costs over $23500 and gets 45+ miles per gallon of diesel. The SX4 only gets 30 MPGs but sticker price was $17500, that translates into 2.7 cents more per mile in fuel costs for the Suzuki but at a $6000 lower purchase price. What you think, I can buy lotsO gas with the 6000 bucks lower price of the Suzuki can't I? Doing the math, it will take 222222 miles before the diesel begins to save money in fuel costs over the gas engine. ($6000 divided by .027).....

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