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Suzuki Samurai Lift Kit

The "Zuke" gets a little lift! This video shows the nstallation of a previously enjoyed Calmini 5" lift kit and high steer on a 1987 Suzuki Samurai, by a hobby mechanic in a home garage equipped with a vehicle hoist. SPOA (Spring Over Axle) Lift kit, requires drive shaft spacers, new brake lines and special steering components and other adjustments. We ended up with about 7" of lift, because the suzuki didn't have stock shackles. The tires on it are still great, and too good to replace with larger ones right now but we may do that down the road. Intro and ending music is "Redneck Hillbillies" by the Preston Summerville Band out of Georgia, used with permission from J. Roberson, manager.

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