Video - Suzuki SV650S - Picked up and carried!

Videa Suzuki Super carry Suzuki SV650S - Picked up and carried!

Suzuki SV650S - Picked up and carried!

Honzuki SVCR500S -This is a Suzuki SV650S rolling chassis that has been lightened and will still be lightened further, you can see just how light it is WITHOUT the HEAVY SV650 engine in it. The bike is also about to receive a Honda CR500 engine transplant. The CR500 has about the same amount of horsepower, MORE TORQUE, and weighs about half as the former SV650S engine. The engine cradle adapter for the CR500 engine can be seen mounted in this video. After the engine swap, this machine will get appropriate Honzuki SVCR500S stickers. This video is not to exhibit *super strength* but rather to show how light the chassis is. The bike weighs less than I do, so keep stupid comments to yourself. More on the project here: Update: The CR500 engine from this is being used in another project. I've since installed a cheap SV650 engine into this frame and have gotten it street-legalized.

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