Video - Suzuki Swift GTI at the drags

Videa Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift GTI at the drags

Suzuki Swift GTI at the drags

The 1st Drag meet my Suzuki Swift GTI attended. Modification specs: Lowered suspention Rear muffler THATS IT Its mechanicals is Bog stock, stock G13b twincam etc. **NOTE** The car is running via a CINO 5 speed gearbox. Reason being is that the GTI gearbox developed a hole and leaked oil, so at the time i needed it on the road asap so basically i fitted the CINo box, Acceleration has been lost by it so basically i wasnt intending or expecting to do a fast time. I was out there mainly just to get good reaction times to win some prize money. SONGS: (Oh yeah) by Yello (3am) by KLF (Sadness) by enigma

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