Video - Suzuki Swift GTI - Redlinegti Vic Cruise 2

Videa Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift GTI - Redlinegti Vic Cruise 2

Suzuki Swift GTI - Redlinegti Vic Cruise 2

The first redlinegti cruise video i'd made.'s second official cruise in Melbourne Australia. The turn out was great, and everyone had fun. Technical crap: This was edited on a 500Mhz g4 powerbook, and took aaaages to wait for renders. The opening credits were a 10 layer composite in FCP, along with layered psd files keyframe animated during the initial road clips. As it's an early video, it's also only in a pan/scan 4:3 aspect. Who knew back then that widescreen tellies would take up such a big following?!

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