Video - Suzuki Swift GTI - Redlinegti Vic Cruise 4

Videa Suzuki RE Suzuki Swift GTI - Redlinegti Vic Cruise 4

Suzuki Swift GTI - Redlinegti Vic Cruise 4

Redline GTI's 4th Victorian Cruise, as edited by Droo. Yldboy has edited his version, also available on youtube. This was the fastest produced and most polished complted video i've created for redlinegti. Normally taking about 3 months to edit, this one took under 2 weeks of my spare time after work. This was the first video i had used post production image stabilisation. All footage was shot by hand. It was also the first video i'd experimented with animated titling and background effects. Its subtle but there. for HI-RES and Stereo youtube version

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