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Suzuki Swift xenons 8000k

My Suzuki Swift in Bangalore with 8000k Xenons- Iceberg Blue. EXTERIOR MODS: Black body with ultra light custom fibre glass body kit with low drag down force spoiler('08 WRC wing), custom chrome projection head lamp assy with Angel eyes, Iceberg blue 8000k Xenon headlamps fog lamps, Lexus chrome tail lamp assy. All chrome 16" SM alloy wheels. Yokohama tires ES100 87W ZR 205/50 ZR16. Under body Blue-Purple Street glow neon lights. LEDglow 4 million color wheel well kit. INTERIOR MODS: Auto Gauge 5.3" tachometer with shift light, oil temperature, oil pressure and water temperature gauges. ENGINE MODS: 1.3 litre, 4 cylinder inline, 16 valve SOHC,transverse front wheel drive, K&N Air Filter Charger, 4/2/1 custom racing header and HKS Hiper muffler. ICE (In Car Entertainment): SONY Xplod 2DIN VCD/MP3/Cassette/AUX input with JBL 4 channel amplifier and 12" 1000 watts Pioneer sub-woofer system with foam damping.

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